PACE Certification Enrollment



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Everything you need to get PACE Certified is available online through a user-friendly portal!

Once enrolled, you will have access anytime, anywhere to:

  • A digital copy of the comprehensive PACE Study Guide.
  • On-demand training videos for each Proficiency Module.
  • Sample PACE Exam questions.
  • The online Exam comprised of 120 multiple-choice questions. The exam takes 60-90 minutes to complete and you will have up to 3 opportunities to pass.
  • Online tools to help track CEU's in order to recertify every two years.


Frequently Asked Payment Questions

Can I pay via check for the PACE certification program?

Can pay with a non-US currency?

Are there any options for payment other than one-time payment?

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ADMIN MONTH PROMOTION TERMS: Enroll in PACE Certification during the month of April and receive a $50 gift certificate (single-use code) to be used on the ASAP website. Limitations apply: Your $50 gift certificate is only valid for one use and can only be applied to a single item. The gift certificate code must be redeemed using the same account that you completed payment with for PACE Certification enrollment. Gift certificates may only be used for ASAP Webinar and ASAP Training Package products.


Recorded Date: Friday, 12 June 2015