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Productivity Self-Assessment

Wendy Woods

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. This is a self-assessment, so there are no right or wrong answers. It is designed to give you a sense of your current level of productivity and identify areas for improvement. If your answer is ‘maybe’ then mark it as a ‘no’ as a ‘maybe’ answer means you are not consistently practicing the strategy.
1. I create a ‘To do’ list for each day  

2. I turn off the automatic receipt for new emails  

3. I know when my most productive time of day is  

4. I schedule challenging priorities during  my productive time of the day    

5. I group similar activities (e.g. phone calls, emails)    

6. I refer my ‘To do’ list throughout the day to stay on track   

7. I manage my workload around my high productivity times  

8. I know what foods energize me     

9. I know what foods deplete my energy     

10. I take breaks throughout the day to refocus    

11. I reprioritize my ‘to do’ list throughout the day   

12. When on the internet, I make sure to focus on my original goal to minimize distractions       

13. I drink at least 3-6 glasses of water each day   

14. I know my low energy time of day     

15. I ask for input and ideas from coworkers to ensure that I cover all the key areas and concerns of a work/project      

16. I drink no more than two cups of caffeinated drinks per day 

17. I plan times when I check emails and voicemails   

18. At any time of day, I am aware of my top three priorities           

Self-Assessment Scoring

Once you have completed the self-assessment, add up all your ‘yes’ answers to calculate your total. Now see how you did:

1 – 6. Nice start. You are starting to get into the productivity groove. Reading the tips during the month and retaking the self-assessment in 4 weeks will make a difference.

7 – 12. Good work. You can become even more productive with greater awareness and effort. Be sure to pay attention to the upcoming tips.

12 – 17. Impressive. There are still a few other things you can do to take yourself to the next level.

18 – Productivity guru. You may consider sharing your tips with others.

Make a note of any other strategies you use regularly to remain productive

About the Author

Wendy Woods

Wendy Woods

Principal, Watershed Training Solutions

Wendy Woods is Principal of Watershed Training Solutions, a dynamic training company she founded in 2003. Her areas of expertise include stress management, productive teamwork, and effective communication as well as many other critical workplace skills. Wendy's years of hands-on business and adult education experience, complemented by an M.B.A. and Certificate in Adult Education, provides her clients with productive and profitable results. Wendy is also an active member of the Strategic Capabilities Network, as well as the International Psychology Association. 

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