What is the Professional Administrative Certificate of Excellence (ASAP's PACE Program)?

"I'm so glad that I discovered ASAP and really appreciate what the PACE Program has to offer. It's been a great tool in helping me progress in my career."  
Noreen Luptowski, Senior Product Development Support Assistant, Ohio National Financial Services 

This certificate is the modern credential that you and your colleagues have been waiting for. It provides practical, timely education in five key competencies that executives and managers view as critical for today’s administrative professionals. ASAP's PACE Program provides a way to document your knowledge, become proficient in new areas of expertise, and open doors to advancement and/or new career opportunities.

In addition to recognition and advancement, candidates and their organizations will reap these benefits: 

  • Increased productivity and effectiveness
  • Improved ability to organize and prioritize
  • Ability to influence without authority and to build alliances 
  • Increased confidence, recognition, and visibility
  • Motivation to set realistic goals that achieve positive results
  • Deeper understanding of management styles, theories, and organizational systems
  • Heightened creativity and analytical skills that generate better solutions and new ideas
  • Increased ability to collaborate up, down, and across the organization

This is a comprehensive Certificate Program. Credit is earned via learning activities that will include a blend of live training, online learning, and self-study courses.

No other program documents your educational achievements as you complete a comprehensive professional curriculum and earn credits through a blend of ASAP's PACE Program’s on-demand learning, live training, and self study courses. This flexible credential lets you select topics that are most relevant to you and allows you to earn credit for completing corporate in-house training programs, attending live conferences/seminars, or taking courses at your local community college when they meet our standards.

What is the difference between a Certificate and a Certification? 

It is important to note the difference. Certification results from an assessment process that measures an individual's knowledge, skills, and competency in a particular specialty. A Certificate results from an educational process, and indicates completion of a course or series of courses; it is typically not associated with the degree-granting program of a university. Certification programs are test-based. No training or education is provided; the aspirant undertakes a test or series of tests in order to prove her knowledge. On the other hand, certificate programs, like ASAP's PACE Program, offer credits for approved training and education courses. The certificate is achieved once an enrollee attains a pre-determined number of credits. Currently, the only national-level credential for Administrative Professionals is a certificationprogram offer by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

Why was ASAP's PACE Program created?

Prior to ASAP's Professionals Administrative Certificate of Excellence, there was no national-level certificate program designed specifically for Administrative Professionals that offered the flexibility to take courses when and where they want with the option to tailor the curriculum to meet their own specific training needs.

Today's admin assistant may be called upon to provide a broad range of administrative tasks to support senior management. These evolving responsibilities called for a modern credential. ASAP's PACE Program's focus on administrative management gives the participant an excellent framework for success. It was developed to encourage Administrative Professionals to utilize educational resources to meet their personal and educational needs—and their employers to support educational achievement.

Who should enroll in ASAP's PACE Program?

Anyone employed as an Administrative Professional at any level, who is self-motivated, enjoys learning, and seeks a credential that will document their learning, enhance their career, and recognize achievement in their profession. Specific titles include (but are not limited to): Executive Assistant, Executive Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Officer/Manager, Business Administrator, Administrative Associate, Administrative Coordinator, Office Manager, Administrative Specialist, Office Administrator, Secretary, Project Manager/Coordinator.

Download the Training Center course catalogue for a list of courses available in ASAP's Training Center!