Unlock your potential with PACE Certification.

Unlock your potential and open doors you never knew existed when you sign up for the most up-to-date and relevant certification available to Administrative Professionals today – ASAP’s Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence!

What does the new PACE certification mean for you? 
Earning your PACE certification means a lot to you: greater respect, demonstrated competence, a stronger resume, and potential for higher earning power. Earning your PACE certification and putting those 4 letters after your name lets the world know that you have the knowledge and skills required to excel as a high-level Administrative Professional. 

What does the new PACE certification mean for your employers? 
Your manager will see you as a more valuable asset to your department, a reliable resource for answers and expertise, a stronger contributor, and a true team leader. Employers seek employees who are not only skilled, but who are responsible and have a credible way of demonstrating their professional and practical knowledge. Certification is the answer.

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