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Studies show that being kind to others can improve our mental outlook and our physical health. In fact, coworkers who are kind to each other create a welcoming workplace and increased job satisfaction. Acts of kindness need not be over-the-top, expensive or time-consuming. A friendly smile, an impromptu compliment and a helping hand not only benefit the person you’re being kind too, they’ll elevate your mood, as well.

Try some—or all—of these 25 acts of kindness with colleagues, managers, family and friends.

Give sincere compliments:

  1. "Your help with the marketing project made it a success."
  2. "I loved working with you on travel scheduling."
  3. "Your input on the Jones account was really helpful."
  4. "Great work on the management report!"
  5. "I admire the upbeat way you engage with customers."
  6. "I envy your ease with Excel spreadsheets."

Offer unsolicited praise, advice or help:

  1. Say “thank you” in person
  2. Champion another person’s idea
  3. Offer advice to a coworker who may be struggling
  4. Write someone a note or send an email of praise
  5. Tell your manager how he or she has helped you grow in your job
  6. Commend a coworker to his or her manager
  7. Pitch in, unasked, when someone’s overloaded with work
  8. Handle a team member’s irate customer
  9. Connect a colleague to a person in your business network
  10. Share positive news (as opposed to rumor and gossip)

Other Small Acts of Kindness:

  1.  Bring in coffee, tea or snacks for your department
  2.  Offer to help a colleague with a project
  3.  Ask colleagues about their lives—their families, interests and so on
  4.  Be positive, smile and greet everyone by name
  5.  Hold open doors
  6.  Don’t check your phone when you’re with others
  7.  Invite a new hire to lunch
  8.  Remember others’ birthdays
  9.  Clean up your department’s communal space

Kindness is contagious. When we're kind, we inspire others to be kind, and they inspire others to do the same … and on and on. So spread kindness at work—and lift everyone’s spirits!