Nine Tactics to Help Your Career Fall into Place

Successful careers are rarely achieved without attentive care and “feeding”—that is, without proactive management strategies to move it in the right direction. Those who achieve the greatest career success do so by creating goals—along with concrete plans to achieve those goals. Help maximize your opportunities for career success with the following nine tips. 

  1. Create a career development strategy. Construct a timeline with career goals and milestones. Review your goals and timeline at least every six months to ensure that you’re still on track.

  2. Boost your knowledge. Attend internal or external training sessions and seminars—as well as a degree or certificate program—to improve your current skills and learn new ones. 

  3. Increase your visibility. Sit up front at meetings. Speak up. Offer potential insights into problems, including those outside your immediate purview. Even if your ideas aren’t embraced, your initiative will be noted.

  4. Ask for challenging assignments, especially ones involving other departments. You’ll learn a lot about your company while expanding your contacts. 

  5. Attend industry conferences—and mingle. Exchange business cards with at least five new people. (Do the same at any classes you attend.)

  6. Project positivity. People gravitate toward those who see the upside of work and life—and who view challenges and setbacks as learning experiences.  

  7. Share your goals. If others don’t know what you wish to achieve, they’ll be unable to help you fulfill your objectives.
  8. Ask the boss to mentor you. Explain your career goals and your action plan. This partnership will increase your opportunities in the form of stretch assignments and more.

  9. Actively seek raises and promotions. Be ready to cite your skills, accomplishments and everything else you do and would bring to the table.

Remember, it’s up to you to invest in your career development—so start now!