We’ve all worked with and listened to brilliant people. Some were great and some, well,  not so great. The smart and sophisticated as well

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Around the world and through the ages, we’ve told one another stories. We tell them face to face, and around campfires; through pictures drawn

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Your hand and facial gestures and the way you sit, stand and make eye contact say more about you at any given time than the words you speak. In fact,… Read More
Non-verbal communication (NVC) has been studied in academia since the 1950’s.  A pioneering study at UCLA indicated that up to ninety-three… Read More
Communication is at the heart of everything we do each day, whether at home, work or play. It involves talking and listening – actively listening.… Read More

As administrative assistants and leaders, your daily job responsibilities go far beyond computer know-how and scheduling meetings. You’re the

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Conflict can make us feel powerless, demoralized, hurt, resentful, frightened—even humiliated. It can reduce morale, performance and productivity.… Read More
Would you rather listen to dry statistics or to a story? As an assistant, you have probably helped put together many important presentations over the… Read More
Own your mistake. Acknowledge your misstep to all those affected—be it one or two coworkers, your boss or your entire team. Taking responsibility… Read More
Have you ever avoided a boss, a co-worker or a subordinate because of an argument, a series of miscommunications or even general, mutual dislike?… Read More

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