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High-performing assistants are masters of Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. They’re whizzes at time management, accounting, payroll and social… Read More
BEFORE THE REVIEW Perform regular self-assessments. About once a month, scrutinize your performance. Are you on track with your goals? Be honest. If… Read More
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Here's how to hone your negotiation skills and get past these common fears. Know your worthEach week, write down your accomplishments and quantify… Read More
WHY? Well that is the big question! How have the stereotypes persisted when we have evolved so much? I don’t think I have the answer to this. I… Read More
Attendees at the September 2016 Administrative Professionals Conference focused on the following soft skills: listening, collaboration, body… Read More
Admins can learn a lot from Olympic contenders. Successful athletes are confident in their ability to set and reach their goals, as well as to… Read More

As this is a controversial topic and includes questions such as “what is success?” and “who determines success?”, let me clarify: A famous

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When the weather outside is delightful, it’s easy to become depressed sitting under the drab fluorescent lights at the office—especially when… Read More

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