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The fact is that the right kind of networking isn’t about making contacts; it’s about building relationships. And it’s about being known for… Read More
Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York City, was famous for asking, “How am I doing?”. Koch welcomed feedback and dialog from his constituents. As… Read More

In my last article we discussed essential tips for your resume. Let us now discuss the dreaded cover letter…possibly the most stressful part of

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Whether you are self-employed or working for a company, networking is one of the critical skills that you need in the work environment. Your network… Read More
It should come as no surprise that most of us set personal and professional goals each January, yet we rarely follow through and accomplish them.… Read More
Although networking is perhaps the best way to find a new job, many people approach it in an all-too-casual way. Here are eight networking mistakes… Read More

2020 is a year many would like to start over. We were barely halfway into the first quarter when the world around us started shutting down one

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