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I remember when I looked at the line-up of the speakers I was blown away by their titles. Lucy Brazier, Host, CEO & Publisher of Executive

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  There’s been a dramatic shift in business attire in the past 10-15 years. Silicon Valley executives who run multi-billion dollar companies… Read More
What’s an administrative professional to do? The idea of being stuck means different things to different people. In my travels meeting many… Read More
Today’s assistant must be well rounded--displaying both the technical skills and the “soft” skills needed to succeed. Assistants who have… Read More

In today's increasingly complex job market, credentials are highly valued by employers. Becoming certified can mean the difference between a job

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Taking stock of your profession at a point where you feel routine has taken over, when you feel like a robot that gets switched on at 8am and off at… Read More
Systems are procedures with a built in repetitive plan of action for how you get stuff done. Part of what helps you accomplish your goals is having a… Read More

The GenXer who started her professional life in Sales for Fortune 500 companies—and who now works to help the generations collaborate more

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Here are some simple tips that can help keep your battery charged at work. They have the added benefit of leaving you happier and less drained when… Read More
If you follow some of our tips, you should feel more comfortable and confident during your review. The Review should be an open dialogue between both… Read More

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