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Staying Energized During the Holidays: Dos and Don’ts


The holidays are a whirlwind of parties to attend, gifts to buy, enticing food and drink, and time spent with family and friends. Meanwhile, many coworkers are away, leaving you with some of their work-related tasks in addition to your own. Understandably, staying focused and productive may seem like an uphill slog. That’s why we’ve put together these helpful dos and don’ts—to help keep you revitalized during this festive, yet demanding, time of the year.  

Don’t: Multitask. Attempting to handle six projects at once while coordinating the office holiday party would overwhelm anyone.
Do: Prioritize. Handle one project or task at a time. Start with the most urgent, “gotta-be-done-now” issues on your to-do list. Stay grounded by creating a schedule for both work and holiday must-dos.

Don’t: Allow yourself to be endlessly distracted by chatty coworkers, social media, online shopping and other seasonal diversions.
Do: Stay focused on work—by wearing headphones, setting a phone timer or calendar reminders, using apps, and posting a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your cubical entrance or office door as needed. 

Don’t: Wait until the last instant to ask colleagues for help on a project.
Do: Speak with coworkers well before they leave for a two-week holiday vacation. (Or, if most people are gone, use the relative peace and quiet to get more done.)

Don’t: Overcommit to seasonal gatherings. If you say yes to literally every family get-together and holiday party, you run the risk of burnout.
Do: Attend a few events you feel are worthwhile—and decline other invitations with tact. (“Thank you for the invitation! I’d love to come, but I have a previous commitment.”) 

Don’t: Overindulge—in rich food, excessive alcohol and sugar, and late nights. You’ll spend the next day(s) tired and irritable.
Do: Exercise, stay hydrated, eat sensibly whenever possible, spend time relaxing with a good book or a movie, and be sure to get enough sleep. (Tip: Taking short breaks to chat with colleagues or check social media at work will also help you feel surprisingly refreshed.)  

Use these tips to enjoy the holidays while staying invigorated and productive!

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