Creating traveler profiles is the first step in any admin’s travel planning journey. Most admins have created a traveler profile. However, many of… Read More
The goal of a business report is to persuade others to make changes and/or to make advantageous decisions for your organization. Here are go-to rules… Read More
Big projects require big thinking. In my career I have been fortunate enough to work on three major projects: the London 2012 Olympic Games… Read More
Google Calendar's premise is pretty simple. When you sign up for your Google account, you have a default calendar where you can add events, reminders… Read More
1. Clear the decks.The first step is to eliminate unnecessary stress and pressure by getting things done ahead of time. You don’t want to arrive… Read More
Neurobic exercises are not only fun, but when you do them regularly your mind will stay nimble, you’ll be better able to remember new names and… Read More

1. Repeat Information to Yourself. Suppose that most mornings, you can’t remember if you took your vitamin pill. The next time you take it, repeat

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Duolingo ( changed the way people learn languages. Instead of listening to language tapes in your car during a commute,… Read More
1. To think logically and analytically; 2. To work well as part of a diverse team; 3. To go beyond coping with change to initiating change; 4. To… Read More
Hotels are enjoying a strong economic recovery after a very long dry spell. They have seen steady increases in occupancy, average daily rate, and… Read More

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