Performance reviews are the perfect opportunity to present yourself as a stellar employee—and get the credit and career growth you want and

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We all want to build better habits. Yet most of us make excuses: It’s too hard … It will take too long … Where do I even begin? If you want to… Read More
The World Economic Forum (WEF) has produced a report in consultation with the most influential chief human resource and strategy officers in the… Read More

You’ll be away from work for a week or more at a conference or on vacation. Your anxiety level is sky high: How will everything get accomplished in

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If you ask any executive assistant (EA) for advice in managing the details of a company’s board meeting, you’ll, undoubtedly, receive the same… Read More
As an Executive Administrative Professional we strive to provide excellence in customer service every day to both our internal and external… Read More
When you were young, you slowed down in summer; you caught fireflies, had time to move beyond day to day routines, drank lemonade, and, you played.… Read More
You’ve snagged a job interview—congratulations! Along with basic interview questions—Tell me about yourself? Why do you want this job? Why… Read More
Stress is a part of life and does not discriminate. We all have it, some more than others. Many of us face stress on different levels. Whether it’s… Read More

What if there was a car that anticipated your needs and closed the gap between sensing a needed action and beginning the required reaction? Would you

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