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Knowing how to understand and communicate with the powerful executives you report to is a critical skill for successful workplace relationships. Tackle advanced communications skills that will help elevate you with these three webinars.

1. An Admin’s Guide to Management-level Communication Skills

To be an effective leader, you must develop the skill of altering your behavior and communication to fit the team rather than expecting the team to mold to you. In this webinar, Christy Crump will take you through the three critical skills we need to effectively lead: understanding, communication, and influencing.

2. Communicating with Power and Impact

learn practical steps for how to be seen as a highly credible and confident communicator who commands attention and gets the message across. Learn practical and proven techniques and skills for making the best impression the first time. You’ll be armed with the tools and techniques you need to be a more motivating, more persuasive and more effective professional.

3. Dealing Gracefully with Miscommunication and Difficult Conversations

Explore techniques and pick up tips for timing, holding, and following up on difficult conversations. Learn Sandy Geroux’s principles for ensuring communications are clear and succinct to help avoid creating future difficult conversations.

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