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When you’re used to serving from behind, it can be hard to step into the light. Whether you’re a new supervisor or tasked with wrangling a team you don’t supervise, you’ll want to spend time honing your influencing and leadership skills with this package.

1. Moving from Team Member to Team Leader

Do you want to go beyond just supporting your team? Being accepted as a leader, influencing your peers without formal authority, building trust and credibility with your boss are all critical to getting results as a team. How can you identify what motivates you to perform to your best and highest? Support your team and lead your team by confronting the fears that hold you back.

2. How to Influence Others When You Aren’t in Charge

Learn how to cut through barriers so that others give you the cooperation, time, resources or support you need. Communicate so that others listen; use four listening steps that encourage others to listen to you. Check yourself against the 11 toxic communication traps that diminish your ability to persuade. We’ll explore what role honesty and trust play in becoming more influential, how to communication using “executive style” techniques, and the greatest strategic tool in your arsenal: non-defensive communication.

3. The Senior EA as Leader, Advisor and Mentor

In this dynamic, live webinar, get valuable tips and insights and build the skills you need to perform as a leader, advisor, and mentor. Popular APC and EA Summit trainer Peggy Vasquez will walk you through the differences between each role and how to do each successfully. She will show you how to give and receive feedback, develop your team members, and identify and grow your successor so that you can move on to your next career-building challenge.

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