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Register for ASAP's Minute-Taking Booster Pack and become a minute-taking pro! You'll gain access to two ON-DEMAND webinars with trainer Patricia Robb, PLUS a quick-reference ebook! 

Master Minute-Taking Like a Pro! Advanced Tips & Strategies

✓ ON-DEMAND WEBINAR [24/7 Access]

Taking meeting minutes can be one of the most stressful tasks an assistant faces. This on-demand webinar will help whittle away that stress and replace it with confidence. Dive into new strategies and must-know tips that are guaranteed to make your minute-taking job easier! Have you ever been called into your Manager’s office last-minute to take notes, but there was no agenda and you weren’t sure what you needed to record? How can you keep your boss on track without interrupting a meeting?

Learn how an annotated agenda can help and much more, including:

  • An overview of the true role of a minute-taker
  • Before and after samples of minute phrasing
  • What to record when someone adds a new agenda item and tables a document
  • How to disarm potential distractions and meeting disruptions

2 BONUS HANDOUTS: Agenda and Minute Taking Template (Updated for 2017) and New Phrases and Wording for Minute-Taking Pros!

The Admin's Guide to No-Sweat Minute-Taking

 ✓ ON-DEMAND WEBINAR [24/7 Access]

Does the thought of taking minutes conjure up feelings of fear and dread? Do you pass on career opportunities because minute-taking is a requirement? Are you in a job where you take minutes, but it still causes you stress? The best way to get past the fear of taking minutes is to learn to do them well and when you do so, your confidence will soar.

This webinar will arm you with the tips and tools that you need to make your minute-taking experience more successful. You will learn:

  • Sure-fire tips on how to prepare so taking minutes will be easier and less stressful
  • What you should capture in the minutes and also, what you should never document
  • Minute-taking words and phrases that will save you time
  • The specific differences between minute-taking in formal meetings versus less formal situations like staff meetings

BONUS HANDOUT: 6 Proven Minute-Taking Templates

Master the Art of Minute-Taking by Patricia Robb

✓ QUICK-REFERENCE EBOOK [Instant Download]

This quick-reference ebook will provide you with new ideas and help you build essential skills to master the art of minute-taking. It is filled with practical, valuable tips, best practices, guidelines, strategies, and more.

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ASAP members love Patricia Robb’s minute-taking training! Sample accolades by some of her minute-taking webinar participants:

“Handouts and concrete reference materials were very helpful!"

“Very valuable to get clarification on formal and informal meetings, and proper language usage.”

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