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Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals have emerged as strategic business partners for their executives. Three successful top assistants share how to create strong partnerships that set you and your boss up for success.

1. Strategic Success Tools for Today's Top Assistants

Administrative professionals who want to discover their brilliance know that taking a regular inventory of personal skills, behaviors, attitudes and goals is paramount to success in the career. Exercising the tools used in the strategic planning process can increase your contributions, build partnerships, improve productivity, and prevent complacency. Assistants who understand and execute the strategic planning process from a personal perspective will have the advantage. Take inventory of your personal strengths to determine your key success factors.

2. Partnering with Your Boss

To excel as an executive assistant or administrative professional, you have to be able to seamlessly support all types of leaders. This webinar uses data-driven humor and anecdotal tales of wins and woes to dive into a career-defining opportunity: partnering with your boss. Build your emotional intelligence as you explore ways to connect with different boss types. Hear first-hand from one of your rapidly advancing peers the best ways to understand and adapt to your boss’ personal style, persevere in the face of adversity, and plan for mutual success. We’ll look at several examples of real-life bosses: what moves them, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to best build trust and support their efforts. 

3. Tips from the Trenches: Partnering with Your Executive for Career Success!

Powerful Assistant and Executive partnerships are easily recognized. They depend on each other to achieve a common purpose and contribute to each other’s accomplishments. What steps were taken to create the trust and respect displayed in their behavior? How did they become confident in one another’s abilities? Join Peggy as she shares personal stories and experience from her successful career, in which she’s formed many strong partnerships with her Executive(s).

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