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tackling-microsofttechnology-(1).jpgThese 3 on-demand webinars are designed to help you boost your office tech skills and increase your professional value. Each webinar is presented by a professional trainer and has been rated "Excellent" by past participants.

1. Excel Hacks: Capitalize on the Power of Flash Fill and Power Query

Anne Marie DelPrincipe, Owner, Mastering Software Unlimited

Frustrated with cleaning data in Excel? A spreadsheet almost never arrives with the data in the fields and columns that are most useful to YOU. Using Power Query and Flash Fill will give you the power to be productive and eliminate the need to create complicated formulas to make a spreadsheet that works for you. Discover the hidden secrets of these two techniques!

You will learn how to:

  • Parse out the information that comes in one cell and find duplicates in two tables.
  • Transform data into a normalized table and fill in blank cells.
  • Use Flash Fill to combine names, extract names, format numbers, move text around in order to create new information, and extract names from email accounts
  • Also use Flash Fill to separate dollars and cents; combine text, currency and date, and separate hours from minutes


  1. How to install Power Query in Excel
  2. Tutorial on Power Query and Flash Fill


2. Creating Compelling, Interactive Presentations in PowerPoint

Neil Malek, Principal, Knack Training

Creating an engaging presentation full of dense information can be challenging. Successful presentations should deliver critical information in a natural yet engaging way. Adding navigation links, interesting transitions and animation schemes, and segmenting the presentation into logical chunks make the presentation compelling for the audience, while keeping it easy for the presenter to deliver. Join Neil Malek as he shares his favorite methods and tools for building compelling presentations. Putting your new skills to work will not only save your audience time, but keep endless follow-up emails at bay!

You will learn how to:

  • Create hyperlinks for navigating to relevant information as questions are asked.
  • Leverage Morph, Zoom, and other transition functions to create a ‘big picture’ slide.
  • Build charts and diagrams one piece at a time to clarify the message.
  • Use hidden slides and Speaker Notes for more robust details on any topic.


  1. Understanding Audience and Story for Business Presentations
  2. Building Presentations with Organic Navigation


3. Next Generation Microsoft: New Features for the New Year Every Admin Needs to Know

Corinne Hoisington - Professor of IT, Central Virginia Community College

As the New Year begins, exciting new changes to your office’s Microsoft products are in motion. How can we ever keep up? Well get ready for an engaging demo of Windows 10 and Office 365 (and preview of Office 2019) – with many new features and apps that were JUST ADDED! Learn about Microsoft’s two new productivity tools that will be total game changers for admins: Microsoft Forms & Microsoft Flow. They’ve also unveiled multiple creative-minded products including brand new Office features and a Windows 10 upgrade called the “Fall Creators Update.”

You will learn how to:

  • Find out how easy-to-use Microsoft Forms can make your office truly paperless.
  • Get approvals for travel, days off, and automate your office world with Microsoft Flow.
  • See the upcoming updates for Office 2019 which actually hits the market in 2018.
  • Get a handle on the new features of Windows 10 to stay the go-to-person in your office for the latest technologies.


  1. The Next Generation of Microsoft Features

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