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PACE was designed expressly for today's busy Administrative Professionals. PACE Certification does not require rigid, time-consuming eligibility requirements, study groups and or multiple textbooks. And because it is accessed on-line you can prepare for, and take the exam whenever and wherever you want.pace benefits


PACE CertificationOther Admin Certifications
There are no eligibility requirements. If you are an Administrative Professional,you can enroll in the PACE Certification Program. Qualification requires multi-level eligibility requirements based on a mix of your education and experience as an Administrative Professional.
There are no membership fees. Enrollees can join ASAP for FREE.,Enrollment in PACE Certification costs $375.00. Association membership typically costs about $150, plus an exam fee of $350. For non-members, the exam can cost up to $525.
Your enrollment fee includes online access to self-study materials including video overviews and up to 3 tries to pass the exam. In addition to the exam fee, study guide fees range from $99-$299. An exam fee applies each time you take the exam.
There is no need to join study groups or purchase supplemental materials. PACE exam preparation builds on your working knowledge and expertise, with additional recommended resources in areas where you may need more exposure. Study groups are organized and recommended. Supplemental text books and additional bodies of knowledge may be recommended or required in addition to the study guide.
PACE is a global certification. Any English-speaking admin can enroll, study and take the exam at any time, from anywhere. The exams are typically US-centric. Some testing in select international locations may be available.
PACE exam prep materials and the exam are accessed online. There is no need to go to a specific place on a specific date to take the exam. When you are ready, you take the exam. Exams are scheduled in specific locations on specific dates and the exam must be taken live in a proctored environment. Rescheduling an exam can cost an additional $100 fee.
A live PACE review class and exam is offered at the annual Administrative Professionals Conference for Conference attendees.
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Live review classes are typically not available.
Exam results are known immediately when you take it online. Once passed, you print your official Certification and add the PACE letters to your professional signature. Varies
Recertification is required every two years. Recertification is granted for a total of 24 hours which equals 2.4 CEU's. The recertification fee is $75. Recertification may be required every 5 years.With a requirement of 60 points/hours and can cost up to $100.
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