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"In addition to providing an educational format to increase my knowledge and skill levels, adding the PACE Letters after my name will boost my credibility and respect factor -- not to mention the career opportunities it can help open."

Sarah Beattie, PACE
Executive Assistant to Richie Lee
Lee Financial




“Being PACE certified makes me feel like I'm finally being recognized for the knowledge I've obtained throughout my 18-year career.”

Crystal Nix, PACE
Office Manager
City of Missouri City




“Enrolling in the PACE Certification and preparing for the exam gave me an opportunity to progress with today’s standards for administrative professionals. I’m now a resource for others in my organization which gives me high visibility to advance in my career. I encourage other admins to enroll in PACE so they can demonstrate their expertise and skills as administrative professionals.”

Diane L. Ammons, PACE
Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating and Clinical Officer
University of Toledo Medical Center




"As I learned more about PACE Certification, I knew that it was the tool I needed to achieve my goals. As soon as I completed the test online and saw that I had passed, I felt so accomplished and elated that I couldn't wait to share the news with my boss! Getting PACE certified helped me to earn a promotion and a bonus."

Vanessa Gordon, PACE
Administrative Assistant
Miami University


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