PACE Certification and Recertification FAQ's


Getting Started

Can you help me with getting approval?

How do I access the Certification materials?

The Certification Account system is cloud based and can be found under "My Account". You do not need to purchase or install any additional software to study and take the Exam. We do recommend using the most up-to-date versions of the following web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Already enrolled? Click here to access your account.

What if my Username and Password does not work?

Please contact Customer Service at [email protected] or 1-888-960-ASAP for assistance with your ASAP Account.

What is the difference between PACE and IAAP's CAP?

IAAP and ASAP have created a table to help you discover the differences between both the CAP and PACE. Make no mistake; both certifications are relevant and, in our opinion, necessary. Click here to use this table in your certification planning and goal-setting.

Is the PACE Certification recognized by an independent body?

Yes, ASAP’s PACE Certification is a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

Payment Information

How much is PACE?

The cost is $475 per individual and includes access to the study guide, training videos, practice quizzes, and the exam. For groups of 10 or more, the price is $415 per learner.

Interested in PACE for Teams? Email [email protected] for more info!

Are there any other courses or materials I need to purchase to study to take the exam?

No, there are no other required materials outside of the Study Guide to take the exam.

Can I pay via check for the PACE Certification program?

Please make checks payable to ASAP Mailing address:
Diversified Communications
121 Free Street
Portland, ME 04101 

The invoice number must be included

To get an invoice, add the enrollment(s) to your cart, checkout, and then select the "Pay Later" option.

I do not live or work in the United States, is there an easy way for me to pay with a non-US currency?

Yes! The easiest (and most secure) way to pay is with a credit card. Currency and exchange rates will be handled automatically. Another option is to pay via Wire Transfer/ACH. Our Wire Transfer/ACH information is on your invoice.

You must include your invoice number. 

To get an invoice, add the enrollment(s) to your cart, checkout, and then select the "Pay Later" option.

Study and Exam Materials

How long do I have access to the materials?

Your PACE Certification materials will be accessible for reference as long as your enrollment stays current.

Am I able to study on a tablet computer?

Yes, you can access the study materials on any device and there is no special software needed.

What if I need to stop while viewing a video or reviewing a module?

When you return, you will be taken to the place you stopped. You will not have to scroll through to get back to your stopping point.

How much time should I spend studying?

We estimate it will take approximately six to nine months to fully review the Study Guide, view the training videos, and take the exam. PACE offers you a flexible timeline and process so that you can earn your Certification at your pace, on your own time schedule. The availability of the Study Guide online and on-demand training videos make that possible. You have up to 1 year after your enrollment date to take the Exam.

How are the questions selected for the test - what percent of each module will be on the test?

The questions will always pull from the same question pool/bank. The bank is 25% each module, but the pull for each individual exam may be slightly different, depending on the shuffle.

What can I expect when I take the Exam?

The Exam consists of 120 questions and is available in the e-Learning Center. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. You need to make sure you hit submit before the 90 minutes runs out!

What happens when I begin the Exam? Can I start and stop it?

No, once you begin the Exam, the timer will continue. You cannot stop it on your own. You must complete the Exam in one sitting. If your time runs out you will not be able to see your score. You must be sure to hit submit before the clock runs out.

What grade do I need to pass the Exam?

You must earn a passing grade of 80% or better to complete the Exam and earn your PACE.

What happens once I pass the Exam? 

Congratulations are in order! You will receive a link to download your certificate and can proudly place the PACE designation after your signature. You can also find your certificate anytime in your ASAP Account under "My E-Learning Center" > "My Certifications"

Example: Jane Doe, PACE

How do I display my PACE?

What if I don’t pass the Exam?

You can take the exam up to three (3) times, without re-enrolling. The exam will be automatically graded and you will receive a notification immediately.

If you do not pass after 3 tries or your PACE access expires and you wish to get an extension to take the PACE exam, we charge an administration fee of $100.00. This will allow you another full year to complete the exam and we will reset your exam attempts to 3. You can find the RE-ENROLL button in your E-Learning Center.

Maintaining Your Certification

How do I maintain my Certification?

Without re-enrolling or re-taking an Exam, you will need to earn a minimum of 2.4 ( 24 hours) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years that indicate you have kept current by completing training or educational programs. There is also a re-certification fee of $75.

Note: CEUs will be credited only from the date of certification or re-certification.

What are the requirements for CEUs?

Training topics must be directly related to skills and knowledge for Administrative Professionals. One hour of training is the equivalent of .1 Continuing Education Credits. Training courses must offer a minimum of 60 minutes of education. Credits are only given for a complete 60 minutes--partial hours do not count. Documentation of successful completion must be submitted including topics, brief description of the content, duration of the training, and provider/instructor or training provider information.

Click here to download PACE recertification materials

What are some ways to earn CEUs?

✓ Attending sessions at the Administrative Professionals Conference.
✓ Training from a local provider or through your company or another training resource.
Restrictions may apply – contact Customer Service for more details.
✓ Participating in ANY ASAP webinar!*

*Excludes PACE Live Prep Course

Questions? Contact Customer Service at [email protected] or 1-888-960-ASAP.

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