Presentation Design & Messaging: Tricks for Making Slides Look Polished and Pretty | Product


Have you ever been handed a presentation that looked like rubbish (think: bullet points and clipart) and asked to ‘make it look better’? Oh, and you were only given 5 hours to do it!

While this may not be an ideal scenario, it’s one that many executive assistants often face. And when you are short on time, it can be hard to think of ways to make an ugly slide look presentable, let alone something you’re proud of.

In this webinar, you will learn some quick tricks for making ugly or cluttered slides look polished and pretty, including:

  • Ways to consolidate and shorten wording (using chunking and highlighting)
  • Making better use of Notes and Handouts to free up slide space
  • How to use icons and SmartArt like a boss (I bet you don’t know this trick no matter how much you use SmartArt!)
  • A couple design hacks to make a boring presentation look modern and bold

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