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The PivotTable feature is perhaps the most technologically sophisticated component in MS Excel. With only a few mouse clicks, you can slice and dice a data table in dozens of different ways and produce just about any type of summary you can think of. A PivotTable is essentially a dynamic summary report generated from a database. The database can reside in a worksheet (in the form of a table) or in an external data file. A PivotTable can help transform endless rows and columns of numbers into a meaningful presentation of the data.

In this webinar we’ll address how to make your data digestible and easily understood. We’ll cover:

  • Understanding PivotTables
  • Creating PivotTables automatically and manually
  • Copying a PivotTable to a blank worksheet
  • Working with non-numeric data
  • Creating a PivotTable chart
  • Creating slicers to help you query your results

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