The Art of Corporate Gifts, Incentives, and Rewards | Product


The appreciation impact you make on customers, partners, and employees through corporate incentives and gifting is only 50% driven by the rewards you choose. Yes, the reward choice matters a lot, and you can practically double their impact by learning the rest of the story. Whether you manage a program or can influence those who do, you will hear about innovative ways to save time and money when searching and purchasing corporate gifts and rewards. This webinar will provide real resources and practical advice to maximize the return on your company’s investment in appreciation.

What you will learn:

  1. The science and value of incentives, gifting, and rewards
  2. The art and best practices in program design
  3. Innovations in gifting experiences
  4. Personalization is not just for bulk orders anymore!

American Society of Administrative Professionals

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APC  EA Ignite