Productivity Strategies to Get More Done in Less Time with Less Stress | Product


Seize the Day! Are you on top of everything but can’t get to the bottom of anything? Has it been years since you’ve seen the top of your desk? Are you worried about work when you’re not at work? Do you fantasize about being happier, less stressed, and more able to focus on the things that really matter to you?

This lively presentation is packed full of practical, easy-to-implement strategies for excellence in project management and administrative support. Participants will:

  • Learn strategies to plan and prioritize quickly to get the most out of your day (especially when you support others)
  • Apply valuable strategies to manage email and electronic overload (process emails quickly with the practice of the “5 Decisions” approach)
  • Utilize creative strategies to limit distractions and interruptions in order to be more productive and focused
  • Improve focus and avoid the common productivity trap of multitasking

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