Listening at ALL Levels: Expanding Your Ability to Meet Spoken and Unspoken Needs | Product


Listening is one of the most important, yet frequently overlooked components of effective communication, especially for administrative professionals. It’s truly a skill and an art—to listen not just to the words someone says but to the meaning behind them. It’s also about listening for what is really needed, whether or not it’s actually expressed at all.  In order to truly hone this skill, we must learn to gather information (both spoken and unspoken) and process it correctly, all while controlling our own impulses to jump in or filter what we hear. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • The different levels of listening and why they are ALL important
  • The common ways we unintentionally derail our listening capabilities and how to avoid them
  • Specific tactics you can use to help people around you feel heard
  • How to utilize verbal and non-verbal active listening skills to uncover business needs as well as emotional needs, verify understanding and respond appropriately
  • Strategies for continuing to expand your PM skills and gain valuable experience


American Society of Administrative Professionals

Producer of

APC  EA Ignite