Building a Powerful Linkedin Profile | Product


LinkedIn is a valuable resource for your career with many recruiters using it as a primary source for candidates. You might use it regularly to keep on top of trends in industry and communicate with professional colleagues, but are you using your profile in the most effective way possible? Join us for this webinar as we explore Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile and you will discover why this tool could bring you to the attention of crucial contacts. We’ll identify the key components of your profile and how you can enhance it so that it stands out to viewers.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you need to develop a stronger LinkedIn presence so you don’t get lost in the online noise.
  • What you can add to your profile that will make it stand out
  • How you can best utilize your LinkedIn profile to draw in recruiters, collaborators and influencers.
  • The top mistakes people make when crafting their profiles and how to avoid them

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