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We appreciate and respect the leaders around us, and even though we may not be in charge that doesn’t mean we can’t influence the ones around us. Learning how to lead doesn’t only help you, but also helps your team keep improving.

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    How to Influence Others When You Aren’t in Charge

    We’ve talked to thousands of administrative professionals whose number one concern is how to get their ideas heard and implemented. It isn’t about having positional power; it’s about presenting your ideas in such a way that others willingly follow your lead. Learn how to cut through barriers so that others give you the cooperation, time, resources or support you need. Communicate so that others listen; use four listening steps that encourage others to listen to you. Check yourself against the 11 toxic communication traps that diminish your ability to persuade. We’ll explore what role honesty and trust play in becoming more influential, how to communication using “executive style” techniques, and the greatest strategic tool in your arsenal: non-defensive communication.

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    Everyday Leadership in Action: How to be a Leader Regardless of Title

    Everyday Leadership in Action: How to be a Leader Regardless of Title

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    Moving from Team Member to Team Leader

    Do you want to go beyond just supporting your team? Being accepted as a leader, influencing your peers without formal authority, building trust and credibility with your boss are all critical to getting results as a team. How can you identify what motivates you to perform to your best and highest? Support your team and lead your team by confronting the fears that hold you back.

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    Executive Presence – What it is and How to get it!

    What is the one area that holds back Executives and Executive Assistants from moving forward?  The answer is: Executive Presence.  In fact, “executive presence” counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted.  If you don’t get this on right, it can be detrimental to your career. 

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