Project Management for Admins Using Microsoft Planner | Product


Learn how to stay organised and manage projects with Microsoft Planner, a planning and project management app for Office 365. Follow along with Paul as he shows how to get things done in Planner, from creating new plans and setting due dates to updating a project's status and sharing files with team members.

Plus, see how to switch over to Microsoft Teams from Planner and create new teams based on existing plans. Learn how to work more efficiently and stay focused on what's important by using Microsoft Planner for your next project.

Learning objectives:

• Creating a plan
• Adding and assigning tasks
• Sorting tasks into buckets
• Attaching files to tasks
• Flagging tasks with labels
• Updating a task's status
• Viewing progress on a plan
• Using charts to view progress

American Society of Administrative Professionals

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APC  EA Ignite