Building Credibility on LinkedIn | Product


“I found you on LinkedIn!” It’s a phrase that can be exciting to hear from a potential client, ideal employer or new peer. Credibility is key for creating and maintaining relationships on all social media platforms, but on LinkedIn, the most professionally focused platform, it is vital.

In this webinar, we will cover the basics of personal branding on LinkedIn, how, when and why to engage with content, how to build a desirable network, and best practices for becoming a credible, trusted thought leader.

  • Give your LinkedIn profile a credibility makeover – from visual aesthetics to best practices for sharing your professional experience.
  • Build connections and engage with your desired LinkedIn network.
  • Discover content strategy tips specific to building credibility on LinkedIn

What will the attendee walk away with? (3 skills developed)

1.      Best practices for building a personal LinkedIn profile.

2.      Tips for engaging with your desired network on LinkedIn.

3.      The ability to produce credible content on LinkedIn.

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