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On-Demand Training to Help Boost Your Productivity

We all wish there were a few extra hours in the day... A longer day could mean more time to finish everything on your to-do list, or more time to grow your career. We can't alter time, but we can always make better and more use of it.

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This Product Includes:

  • $49.67

    Format Documents in Minutes, Not Hours, in Microsoft Word Styles

    Make your job easier and boost your productivity when editing, formatting and managing proposals, business plans, legal documents, handbooks, and more! Save hours of time and enhance the look of your documents using Styles, Themes and Style Sets in Microsoft Word!

    Learn how to apply and modify them, the benefits of using Styles, and how you can create or customize your materials. Not only will your materials stand out, but you'll be formatting even the most complex materials in minutes!

  • $49.67

    Productivity Tips & Timesavers with Outlook

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by email? Do you struggle to get through all of your messages so you can focus on other priorities? Have you ever missed time-critical email that got lost in the middle of spam and group broadcasts? Learn tips and strategies in Microsoft Outlook to organize and prioritize your messages, quickly search and navigate through Outlook, create tasks and appointments from email messages, and save time and effort.

  • $49.66

    10 Microsoft Office Productivity Hacks: Save Hours Each Week!

    Of course you know Microsoft Office, but how many times have you wondered, “Is there an easier way to do that?” As busy as you are, it’s hard to take the time in the moment to check out your theory that there must be a better way! In this lively 60 minute webinar, you will get the answer to many of those queries covering Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, even OneNote! Melissa will present 10 hacks that will have you wondering why you’ve been doing things the long way.

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