Supercharged Performance Bundle


Supercharge your productivity skills and save a bundle with this On-Demand Performance Bundle

These 4 on-demand webinars are designed to help you crush your performance goals and increase your professional value.  Each webinar in the package is presented by a professional trainer and has been rated "Excellent" by past participants.

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This Product Includes:

  • $74.75

    The Proactive Administrative Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up & Stay 2 Steps Ahead

    In today’s busy workplace, many Administrative Professionals feel a constant lack of control. With so much happening at any given time, they simply react to their circumstances in the moment, trying to keep everyone happy without falling too far behind. They don’t have the time and necessary tools to anticipate needs, plan and prepare for the future, and prevent foreseeable issues from popping up. Instead, they’re trapped in a state of reactivity—constantly playing catch up but never getting ahead.

  • $74.75

    The Admins Guide To No-Sweat Minute-Taking

    Does the thought of taking minutes conjure up feelings of fear and dread? Do you pass on career opportunities because minute-taking is a requirement? Are you in a job where you take minutes, but it still causes you stress? The best way to get past the fear of taking minutes is to learn to do them well and when you do so, your confidence will soar.

  • $74.75

    Avoid Workload Avalanche: Smart Ways to Increase Your Productivity

    Do you feel constantly "snowed under" as a result of too much to do and not enough time to do it? Are shifting priorities making you crazy? You can go from overwhelmed to in control! Get the tools that you need to successfully manage the workload avalanche you experience every day.

  • $74.75

    Managing Projects: Apps and Aptitude for the Admin Pro

    Are you managing multiple important assignments, tight time lines, and resources that seem to grow scarcer every day? Your title may say something else, but your role is Project Manager. Rather than face an endless “To-Do” list, learn how to leverage Microsoft Office and other applications as project management tools. Get a handle on the principles of project management, and techniques for planning, managing time, coordinating the efforts of others, and juggling resources to get the job done.

Total Savings: $97.00

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