The Meetings & Event Industry: Understanding The Changing Dynamics So That You Can Effectively Plan That Meeting You Have Been Assigned | Product


“Affective Forecasting”, the psychological study of how one feels into the future is front and center after 2020. The experience of 2020 has absolutely been unexpected, uncertain, and devastating in many ways. We now face a world, country, economy, and industry traveling a road much less traveled as we begin to restart our global commerce engine and hospitality industry.

This session will identify the questions we should be asking as we plan meetings and events for our organizations. We will also include tips and tricks to make the search process, contracting and execution of a successful event easier for you!

Learning Objectives:

- Meeting environment expected changes for the remainder of 2022 and beyond
- Current state of the economy and expectations for 2022 and Future
- A review of travel experience changes and expectations
- The need to engage – still ever present
- Adoption of technology and process in a “Fast Forward” society

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