The Shift from Administrative Team Member to Administrative Leader | Product


Our role as administrative professionals has dramatically shifted from a limited, structured role to a fluid, high level one that supports multiple global leaders and teams. Leading teams, managing projects and events, and advancing our leader’s vision are now vital responsibilities.

To that end, we must function as executive partners and members of the leader’s team who seamlessly coordinate team activities, serve as liaison between leaders and teams and communicate effectively at all levels. In this program, Sandy identifies the mindsets and behaviors that establish credibility and lay the foundation for success as we move from reactive administrative team member to proactive administrative leader.

After this program, attendees will:

  • Know the critical mindsets they must adopt and portray as leaders
  • Understand which behaviors unintentionally de-motivate team members, and avoid them
  • Utilize tools and templates to help them use their proactive and critical thinking skills to support leaders at higher levels
  • Recognize how to earn their place at the executive “table”

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