Essential Excel: 15+ Way Cool Tricks in One Hour | Product


Excel is considered the key tool in the Administrative Professionals productivity toolbox.  Since most Excel users are self-taught, they haven’t learned many of the secrets to taking Excel’s functionality to the next level.  This webinar, designed for all levels of proficiency, will show the tools, from very fundamental (yet not well known) to super advanced (yet easy to use) that will take your skills to the next level.  Understanding custom lists, building functions, fixing poorly designed worksheets, creating 3D formulas and executing Pivot Tables are just part of what will be showcased in this hour long webinar. 

  • Identify and use over 15 essential Excel tools for enhancing productivity
  • Create graphs with one click and simplify creating multiple worksheet formulas
  • Understand the power and simplicity of advanced tools such as Pivot Tables

American Society of Administrative Professionals

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APC  EA Ignite