Level Up - Get Unstuck and Boost Your Career, Part 2 | Product


April Stallworth shares 6 steps you can take to reach the next level in your career. Throughout her career, April has continued to position herself to take on high levels of leadership in every job she obtained in the corporate, non-profit, and education sectors while simultaneously running her own successful coaching, training, and consulting business. Whether you are looking to advance into management or to continue to grow within the administrative ranks, this webinar series is for you. April will share real-life examples and practical steps you can take to prepare for your next level of success.

You will receive:

  • Learn 6 additional steps you can take to position yourself to win (Preceded by a brief review of the 6 steps presented last month)
  • Gain the tools and resources to help you stay on course
  • Learn how to be your own cheerleader

American Society of Administrative Professionals

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