Communicating with the C-suite: How to Project Competence and Confidence | Product


Imagine this: your new boss is a C-suite leader. Or, a project you are tasked with requires you to brief all the C-suite executives. Or perhaps you aspire to be in an EA role, or you’ve been assigned to support the organization's executive team and attend their meetings. Of course, you want to shine in your interactions with your senior leaders. Can you just be yourself or do you need to adapt your communication style for greater credibility? While no-one would suggest you adopt a phony persona, you will want to adapt your style to communicate most effectively. Dawn Brackett has worked extensively with executives and acted as an executive coach; she brings practical techniques and tactics that will boost your visibility, credibility, and impact. From structuring your message for greater acceptance, to how to communicate the bottom line and ask for what you need; from tips on social business events to the importance of "executive" body language, Dawn covers all the essentials for upping your professional communication skills. For example, learn:

  • Why time is probably your greatest enemy
  • 6 traits executives’ value in a communicator
  • What to do when you are bringing bad news
  • How to eliminate fillers and softeners that sabotage your message

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