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EQ, or Emotional Quotient (also referred to as Emotional Intelligence, or EI) is all about taking a look inside yourself, getting honest, and choosing strategies to honor your feelings, but with tact. Although difficult to capture and measure on a resume, research continues to support that the core factor separating average from outstanding admins is their degree of emotional intelligence. Only when you understand what it is and how to put it into practice in your daily life will you be able to leverage all of your intelligence, education, and experience to date.

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    Positive and Negative Attitudes: Can They Both Work Together?

    An attitude is a state of being and means having a feeling about something or an opinion, whether it is positive or negative. It is also a conscious or unconscious physical posture that is displayed while interacting with others. In the workplace it can be the most telling aspect of how others see you and feel about you as a supervisor, coworker, or person. It can sometimes define you more than the work that you produce. There are benefits to both negative and positive attitudes.

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    Assertiveness for the Admin Professional

    Communicating in a way that says “I’m a professional” is a skill you that can learn—like playing the piano or learning French. That’s what this Webinar is all about—to teach you to overcome the special communication challenges that you face as an admin and equip you with new skills that will make you more effective in the workplace. You’ll gain many useful “how-to’s, and learn from the experiences of others who’ve faced the same challenges that you face. Spend just one hour with us and you’ll never again feel invisible in meetings and groups … powerless in day-to-day dealings with people … and frustrated with not being taken seriously. Don’t miss this opportunity for enhanced communication skills that really work.

  • $66.33

    Dealing with Emotionally-Charged Situations at Work

    Develop your ability to recognize and deal with the effects of personal emotions - yours and theirs - so that you can manage yourself and your responses with a higher level of professionalism and composure.

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