PowerPoint Productivity & Hacks: Tools for People Who are Sick of PowerPoint Bossing Them Around | Product


For many people, PowerPoint feels more like a curse than a blessing... “It’s the software I use every day, but it’s the bane of my existence!” Sound familiar?

What if that wasn’t the case? What if PowerPoint was actually a tool that could serve you, rather than boss you around?

The truth is, there are many secret tools and tricks that presentation experts use every day to make their lives easier in the program and save huge amounts of time. And you can learn them too!

In this webinar, you will discover hidden tools and shortcuts to super-charge your PowerPointing, including:

  • Setting up your QAT for speed (it’s like your own customized PPT super-highway)
  • Resetting a layout to realign everything in less than a heartbeat (2 ways)
  • Shortcuts that make PPT do the work for you
  • A picture extension trick (like using Photoshop, without using Photoshop)

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