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The role and scope of administrative assistants has been changing rapidly in the past 10 years. The AI implementation in companies and organizations has made many assistants fear for the future of the profession. On top of all of this, every industry has been impacted by a global pandemic, causing change and disruption in so many different ways. Cancelled meetings, cancelled flights, remote working, stressed out executives and teams, social distancing, re-opened markets – welcome to the New World of Work. Where, in order to thrive you need a new skills, new mindset and new tools. Employees and employers have been forced to make rapid adjustments and changes to ensure business continuity, and to ensure that employees whenever possible could work remotely. In this webinar, Laura Belgrado, a global trainer and active EA at a multinational company, will share her insight about this wake-up call for all assistants and organizations adjusting to the “new normal”. Examine critical challenges the world’s best assistants are facing, and learn tips and tricks for how to not only navigate them, but ways to thrive in the modern-day workplace.

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