Managing Successful Events with Microsoft Forms | Product


Learn how to create surveys and quizzes quickly and easily with Microsoft Forms, which comes bundled in the Office 365 suite. This tool is irreplaceable when organizing events for delegate registration, polls, surveys, feedback and more. Paul will be showing you how to create a basic survey, including how to add different question types—multiple choice, open-ended text, rating, and more—add ranking options, and allow for file uploads.

Once you've learned to create a basic survey or quiz, you can learn how to edit forms, share them with other users, adjust themes, and preview how your form will look on different platforms. Finally, we’ll look at how to view and analyze your results.

Learning objectives:

  • Creating a survey
  • Adding survey questions
  • Enabling file uploads
  • Creating a quiz
  • Controlling quiz appearance
  • Editing questions
  • Changing question order
  • Sharing forms
  • Viewing survey and quiz results
  • Analysing results in Microsoft Forms

After the session you’ll be able to:

  • Create surveys and various types of questions for your next event
  • Share them effectively with your target audience
  • Analyse results with ease

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