Streamlining Meeting and Event Planning and SME Hotel Travel: A Guide for Admins | Product


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This informative webinar will help you learn strategies to simplify hotel travel management. It will explore the significant impact small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) have on the global economy and travel's crucial role in business growth and relationship building. It will also cover the challenges of meeting and event planning for admin of organizations, small or large, and offer suggestions to streamline the planning process to effectively manage time and budgets while ensuring successful outcomes.

Key points:

  • Insights into the pivotal role of SMEs in the economy and the importance of in-person meetings for business growth.
  • How to effectively manage hotel travel for SME employees, saving time and resources.
  • The growth, importance, and effectiveness of in-person events for organizations.
  • Key considerations for choosing the right venue to meet the unique needs of each event, from internal meetings to large-scale conferences. 

About Kate Norris: A Hospitality Professional with a career spanning over 25 years.  Kate has extensive expertise in sales, strategy, and the hospitality industry. She has had the privilege of contributing to the success of multinational companies, while also establishing and leading her own sales hospitality business. Having spent the last 7 years as an IHG Sales Leader she now leads the team responsible for IHG’s SME Sales strategy.  

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