Don't Drop the Ball: Methods to Manage Multiple Tasks, Handle Stress and Gain Control of Your Time | Product


The days of limited duties and spare time are long gone. Today’s administrative professionals must not only perform routine daily tasks, but also undertake special projects, managerial responsibilities, and teamwork challenges, not to mention unexpected challenges arising from the work-from-home environment. This interactive session provides realistic techniques for separating myth from fact when it comes to multi-tasking, as well as ideas for setting priorities, speaking up when necessary and managing your time and stress so the unexpected doesn’t control you.

After this session, attendees will:

  • Recognize what true multi-tasking is – and is not
  • Utilize simple techniques to help re-focus unfocused leaders who try to commandeer their day
  • Use practical tools to speak up, get clarity on tasks and priorities and take better control of their time
  • Find practical suggestions for handling periodic and ongoing stress in their work and home lives

American Society of Administrative Professionals

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