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Tech Pack 1

Technology Package 1: Buy Design Tricks Using Word and Powerpoint Part I and get Powerpoint Part II for 50% off.


This Product Includes:

  • $51.00

    PowerPoint 2: Building a Compelling Presentation

    In this 'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinar, even experienced users will learn how to make presentations better! It's not just about the buttons to push, but how to design compelling presentations. First, learn how to make the information flow so others will understand your point. Then you will learn the best tools for making the presentation interactive. Lori will teach you the secret to keeping viewers engaged.

  • $99.00

    PowerPoint 1: Building a Custom Presentation

    PowerPoint is a useful, easy-to-use presentation tool and in the first of our 'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinars, the new or self-taught user will learn how to improve presentations right away! First, learn how to make the information flow so others will understand your point. Then, learn the best tools for making the presentation interactive.

  • $99.00

    Design Tricks Using Word

    You can design great-looking publications in Word with a few secrets and new tips. Learn how to unleash the power of Microsoft Word (versions 2003 and 2007) to make newsletters, reports, brochures, fliers, and everything you create look polished and professional. You will be able to identify well-designed pieces and recreate the best elements so you have a better chance of getting your documents noticed and read.

Total Savings: $48.00
45 Tips: Working Easier and Better with Windows 7 and Office 2010

When working in Word or Excel have you ever thought, "There's got to be an easier way?" More often than not, you're right! There is an easier and FASTER way. Get 45 tips and tricks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, (and more) so that you can produce professional looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with minimal effort. Join Vickie Sokol Evans for this 75-minute, On-Demand Webinar!

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Pave Your Road to Success in 6 Steps

Do you feel underappreciated, or that your contributions aren’t being recognized? Take control of your road to success. Teach people how to see your worth through communication and praise; which are two major components to people seeing your value!

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Productivity Tips & Timesavers with Outlook

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by email? Do you struggle to get through all of your messages so you can focus on other priorities? Have you ever missed time-critical email that got lost in the middle of spam and group broadcasts? Learn tips and strategies in Microsoft Outlook to organize and prioritize your messages, quickly search and navigate through Outlook, create tasks and appointments from email messages, and save time and effort.

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Master Minute-Taking Like a Pro! Advanced Tips & Strategies

Back by popular demand and updated for 2017! Dive into new strategies and must-know tips that are guaranteed to make your minute-taking job easier! Have you ever been called into your Manager’s office last minute to take notes, but there was no agenda and you weren’t sure what you needed to record? How can you keep your boss on track without interrupting a meeting?

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Write It So They Read It: Best Practices for E-Writing @ Work

You're writing these memos and sending emails---and no one's reading them. You're emailing important project updates and attaching minutes from meetings, but when everyone shows up, it's quickly evident no one has even read the email or opened the attachment. They received it, but they didn't read it.

That's a problem---and a huge time waster.

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