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Assertiveness for the Admin Professional

Communicating in a way that says “I’m a professional” is a skill you that can learn—like playing the piano or learning French. That’s what this Webinar is all about—to teach you to overcome the special communication challenges that you face as an admin and equip you with new skills that will make you more effective in the workplace. You’ll gain many useful “how-to’s, and learn from the experiences of others who’ve faced the same challenges that you face. Spend just one hour with us and you’ll never again feel invisible in meetings and groups … powerless in day-to-day dealings with people … and frustrated with not being taken seriously. Don’t miss this opportunity for enhanced communication skills that really work.

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Tech Pack 1

Technology Package 1: Buy Design Tricks Using Word and Powerpoint Part I and get Powerpoint Part II for 50% off.


This Product Includes:

  • $51.00

    PowerPoint 2: Building a Compelling Presentation

    In this 'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinar, even experienced users will learn how to make presentations better! It's not just about the buttons to push, but how to design compelling presentations. First, learn how to make the information flow so others will understand your point. Then you will learn the best tools for making the presentation interactive. Lori will teach you the secret to keeping viewers engaged.

  • $99.00

    PowerPoint 1: Building a Custom Presentation

    PowerPoint is a useful, easy-to-use presentation tool and in the first of our 'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinars, the new or self-taught user will learn how to improve presentations right away! First, learn how to make the information flow so others will understand your point. Then, learn the best tools for making the presentation interactive.

  • $99.00

    Design Tricks Using Word

    You can design great-looking publications in Word with a few secrets and new tips. Learn how to unleash the power of Microsoft Word (versions 2003 and 2007) to make newsletters, reports, brochures, fliers, and everything you create look polished and professional. You will be able to identify well-designed pieces and recreate the best elements so you have a better chance of getting your documents noticed and read.

Total Savings: $48.00
The Social Savvy Admin: Developing Your Social Media Strategy for Career Success

In this digital age, how you represent yourself on social media directly impacts the perceptions your colleagues and customers have of you and your skills. The same can be said for your manager.

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Listen to Learn – The Art of Getting it Right!

There is a reason that great leaders are usually also known as great listeners. Great leaders and great listeners gather information, ask for feedback, solicit opinions, and seek to understand. The ability to listen and understand is one of the most important skills that a professional can possess. ASAP is excited to present a Webinar that shares the secrets of effective listening.

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Key Steps to Successful Meeting and Event Planning

Meetings – on site or off –don’t just happen. They require careful planning and execution. From determining objectives with an understanding of audience and presenter needs, to selecting and contracting the appropriate space, food and beverage, audio visual support, and other details, to actually executing the meeting, each nuance has to be considered. You are the person, either alone or with a team, who will make certain that each detail, as part of the planning of the whole, will be accomplished.

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Acing Your Annual Review

Annual reviews are an opportunity for executive assistants and administrative professionals to highlight how their roles support the strategic goals of their boss and their organization. Yet people confess to preferring to have a root canal without anesthetic over having to sit and receive an annual review. Fear of the unknown can keep us from actively partnering in conversations concerning our careers. This fear stems simply from not knowing how to approach the process of managing our performance and careers with confidence.

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Empowerment: Don't Wait for It

If others get the assignments and recognition you'd like to have or their ideas are accepted more than yours, if you have been waiting for someone to tell what a great job you are doing, if you wish you felt confident enough to speak up—register now for this webinar!

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