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Bullies at Work: How to Handle Them with Confidence and Composure

Bullying has been called the “silent epidemic,” yet it affects over 53 million people in America. Bullies are far from silent. Their comments frequently fly just under the legal radar screen, yet bullying costs an estimated $18 million dollars in expenses to the company--and the intimidation takes an untold toll on the emotions, confidence, and well-being of thousands in the workplace. 

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Project Management Nuts & Bolts: Tips for the Inexperienced Project Manager

More and more, administrative professionals are being asked to manage projects of all types and sizes. This often involves overseeing budgets, defining milestones, delegating tasks, tracking progress, and much more. Project management (PM) is one the most frequently cited in-demand skills for admins, and it’s predicted to become even more essential in the future. If this is an area where you have little experience, now is the time to start learning the ropes. This webinar will help you understand the nuts and bolts so you can feel confident dipping your toe in the waters of project management.

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Making the Most of SharePoint Document Management

Are you having a hard time distinguishing between the SharePoint and a simple shared network folder? Does looking at your Document Library in SharePoint inspire you to say, “So what?” In many organizations, whatever the document management issue is, the solution offered is SharePoint. But, what is it REALLY? What can it do to make managing your documents easier and less cumbersome? Answers to these questions and more will be found in “Making the Most of SharePoint Document Management.”

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Nerd Know-How: 13 of the Best Apps for Work & How to Use Them

Based on Beth Z’s newest book, “The 27+ Best Apps For Work & How to Use ‘Em!” we’ll take a deep dive into apps like Evernote, IFTTT, Trello, Tripit and Waze; their importance, their functionality, and how to use them effectively with your other software and processes. Get introduced to additional resource lists and a few more apps to love.

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Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Do you want your job to be personally fulfilling while you serve your organization to your fullest? Being a dream assistant means learning to take reasonable risks to create breakthrough performance, polishing your proactive and critical thinking skills to anticipate your boss’s (and your organization’s) needs, and tapping into your passion and values to create a rewarding dream career. 

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Format Documents in Minutes, Not Hours, in Microsoft Word Styles

Make your job easier and boost your productivity when editing, formatting and managing proposals, business plans, legal documents, handbooks, and more! Save hours of time and enhance the look of your documents using Styles, Themes and Style Sets in Microsoft Word!

Learn how to apply and modify them, the benefits of using Styles, and how you can create or customize your materials. Not only will your materials stand out, but you'll be formatting even the most complex materials in minutes!

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Tips from the Trenches: Partnering with Your Executive for Career Success!

Powerful Assistant and Executive partnerships are easily recognized. They depend on each other to achieve a common purpose and contribute to each other’s accomplishments. What steps were taken to create the trust and respect displayed in their behavior? How did they become confident in one another’s abilities? Join Peggy as she shares personal stories and experience from her successful career, in which she’s formed many strong partnerships with her Executive(s).

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The Busy Admin's Guide to Greater Accomplishment

We know that your success is based on a combination of mind-set, results, and skills. We work with some of the best administrative professional trainers in the business, and we asked each of them for down-to-earth ideas, tips, and skills to help you work smarter and boost your career satisfaction.

Featured Trainers: Melissa Esquibel, Pam Green, Neil Malek and many more...

What's Inside:

  • CHAPTER 1: Getting Results for Administrative Professionals
    Lorinda Lewis, Chrissy Scivicque, Pam Van Dyke, Maria Higgins, and Orit Ostrowiak
  • CHAPTER 2: Technology Shortcuts for Administrative Professionals
    Teresa Bell, Echo Swinford, Lori Coffey, Melissa Esquibel, Neil Malek, and Lori Coffey
  • CHAPTER 3: Stepping up and Standing Out
    Colette Carlson, Dawn Brackett, Pam Green, April Stallworth, and Betsy Allen Manning

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The Fundamentals of OneNote

If you’re not working with OneNote, don’t delay any longer. This productivity tool helps you find things quickly… share information in teams...get organized…and so much more!

How do you take notes? Gather information from the Internet? Store frequent flyer numbers? Take meeting minutes? Jot down ideas? Do you use notepads and spiral notebooks or Post-its? How quickly can you put your hands on the information that you wrote down today, or this week, or last month? Learn how OneNote, the digital notebook that comes with Microsoft Office, can organize your life, processes, and information to help you track & find things quickly. You can use OneNote to store information so that you can find what you need, when you need it.

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Tech Pack 2

Webinar Value Package 2: Get the Webinars Excel - Sharing WorkBooks and Windows 7 and receive Using Outlook Calendar to Manage Schedules, Appointments, and Time for 50% off.


This Product Includes:

  • $99.00

    Windows 7

    There’s so much to love about Windows 7, but not if you don’t know what to look for! It’s not all just “pretty” graphics; our speaker will guide you through new features that will save you time and frustration. You’ll learn how to use tools and gadgets that really cater to the way YOU work in Windows.

  • $51.00

    Using Outlook Calendar to Manage Schedules, Appointments, and Time

    Microsoft Outlook is mainly used as an email application, but this personal information manager can do much, much more. It also enhances personal productivity with calendar, task, contact and notes tools. This webinar--focused on Calendar features--promises to ease the headache of scheduling and of synchronizing your boss's appointments; we'll cover great features that will save time and help you stay on schedule too. Get overlooked calendar shortcuts and tips to make your day run more smoothly.

  • $99.00

    Excel - Sharing WorkBooks

    Excel is powerful and we may not know its true capabilities – even if we use it daily! The Excel: Sharing Workbooks webinar will explore how to share workbooks with others. The two most important sharing types include on-going database with input from multiple users, plus one-time data collaboration. In other words, you will learn to collect information using Excel without cutting and pasting! This webinar will cover Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Total Savings: $48.00

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