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1. Gmail Basics and Beyond

Gmail is a very user-friendly communication and collaboration tool from Google. If you have been using a different tool, such as Outlook, you may have questions. How do I…? Where is…? This webinar will cover a wide variety of material from the very basics to more advanced options and settings. Take a quick peek at the new Contacts tool recently rolled out by Google and how it works seamlessly with Gmail. Together we will explore how all of the Google tools work seamlessly to make your life easier and make you more efficient!

2. The Social Savvy Admin: Developing Your Social Media Strategy for Career Success

In this digital age, how you represent yourself on social media directly impacts the perceptions your colleagues and customers have of you and your skills. The same can be said for your manager. As more companies use social media to share their message and brand, admins need to know how to effectively communicate on social platforms, leverage them to do their jobs, and properly manage their manager's social presence. This webinar will help you dive in and discover the power social media can have for you, your manager, and your company.

2. 3. 25+ Apps and Tips to Transform Your Productivity and Save You Time!

Overwhelmed by the number of apps that claim to help you stay organized or book your flight? Need a primer on how to use your smartphone for more than checking email and catching up on Facebook? With all this technology at your fingertips, learn how to maximize your use of the tools available to make you a more informed and efficient employee, especially when it comes to managing meetings.

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