3 Critical Skills For Managing People and Getting Results


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As admins take on more leadership responsibility, the ability to manage people as well as projects is critical. Leading is the key to results when you work with and through others. Christy takes you through the three critical skills that managers need to be effective: communication, delegation, and becoming a role model and mentor. 

As a result of attending this webinar you will become more competent and capable, after learning how to:

  • Understand different learning and communication styles
  • Build trust among the team
  • Encourage your team to be accountable and take ownership
  • Master difficult conversations
  • Be proactive and take initiative
  • Motivate others to succeed

Hot Tip: There are three preferred learning styles: Auditory – a person hears an instruction, understands, and follows; Visual – a person sees how to do something and emulates it; and Kinesthetic – a person physically does something in order to understand. Adapt to your team members’ preferred learning styles, in order to communicate and supervise more efficiently and effectively. 

Bonus Handout: 10 Keys to Confidently Leading a Team

Presenter Biography:
Christy Crump was appointed director of operations for RCS Training in 2012. Her background includes 20 years in high level administrative positions and five years as founder and President of Crump & Associates, a training and professional development company with a client list including Fortune 500 companies. Christy now leads a team of 40 trainers who provide hospitality regulatory training to over 1600 clients in Florida and professional development training nationwide. She is a certified government administrative manager and serves as the immediate past president of the Florida Federation of Business & Professional Women.

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May 6, 2014

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