Bullies at Work: How to Handle Them with Confidence and Composure


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Bullying has been called the “silent epidemic,” yet it affects over 53 million people in America. Bullies are far from silent. Their comments frequently fly just under the legal radar screen, yet bullying costs an estimated $18 million dollars in expenses to company--and the intimidation takes an untold toll on the emotions, confidence, and well-being of thousands in workplace. 

Work can be a volatile place when pressures increase and personalities clash; however, tension rises tremendously, and productively drops, when someone feels that they are being bullied. The more we learn about what bullying is, why it happens, and what we can do to be prepared for battle against it, the more empowered we are. So why does bullying effect so many people? Until recently, bullying was a subject that wasn’t discussed so people have been inadequately prepared to address these difficult, aggressive people. When people prepare for battle, they increase their knowledge about the tools and resources available and they develop a strategy for handling a variety of situations. There are different types of bullying; therefore one approach does not fit all cases. Increase your strength and begin to disarm the effects of bullies in the workplace!

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Speaker: Cindy Krosky, CSP, LCSW, Achieving Corporate Excellence, Inc.
Cindy Krosky is an international speaker and trainer. Her areas of expertise and study include group dynamics, learning styles, and how the brain functions. She uses this knowledge in her presentations to increase active learning, retention, and interaction for participants. Her various credentials and backgrounds include: Certified Speaking Professional, Author, Consultant, Facilitator, Adventure-based trainer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Compassion Fatigue Therapist with specialization in Domestic Violence and Weapons of Mass Destruction.


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November 20, 2013

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