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"I can honestly say that I LOVED this webinar and the information it provided.  ASAP is doing an outstanding job providing excellent admin resources."

-Amy De Palma

What is the most important skill that you use at work? The one that most determines how effective you are? It isn’t your technology mastery or your organizational ability. You may be stellar at those, but a lack of this skill will hold you back. Your ability to communicate effectively determines not only the quality of every relationship you have but also your level of achievement. 

You’ve been communicating since you were a toddler, but it would be a mistake to assume that you have nothing to learn about communication. Each of us can develop into a more effective communicator—maximizing effectiveness and credibility while minimizing mistakes and misunderstandings. Dawn’s webinar is an insightful exploration of what it takes to be a more successful communicator. You will walk away with tips and techniques that you can use right away. 

What we’ll cover:

  • Guidelines for expressing important ideas so that they are heard, understood, and accepted.
  • Why respect is at the heart of good communication and what that means to you.
  • How to assess and adapt your communication style--knowing when to be brief and when to be more personal.
  • Tips on developing listening and questioning techniques that successful executives use.

Bonus Handout: Four Communication Styles—and How to Make Your Point with Each 

Speaker: Dawn Brackett is an international keynote speaker and transformational coach. Dawn has spent over 20 years coaching and helping executives, senior management, and middle managers transform their relationships with their teams as well as their own leadership style. She does this with a highly-engaging, no holds barred, humorous style, getting the message across powerfully and from the heart. She is able to connect with audiences immediately and deliver tools they can use with their staff right away. Dawn has discovered that true leadership, requires an inside-out approach. Based on her work with Fortune 100 leaders, Dawn is currently finishing a book summarizing the tools need to be a successful leader and mentor.


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January 9, 2014

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